Document for Peachland Extraction Plant Construction Project and Project Auditor

Company:Benchmark Botanics Inc.

Data: 06/28/2019          

Closing date: July 15th 2019

Contractor Enquiries Welcome

Our company is going to establish a GMP-standard cannabis oil extraction facility in Peachland, BC. This construction project is open to the market for project bidding and we invite all prospective general contractors to submit a proposal.

The GMP-standard extraction facility construction contractor (hereinafter referred to as: Contractor) shall meet the detailed requirements defined in our project bidding document. For project bidding details, all inquiries are welcome.

During the implementation of the facility construction project, the contractor shall undertake coordination and docking with all equipment and systems of the facility and arrange coordination work in advance to ensure the timely and smooth implementation of the project construction.


Construction Project Auditor Enquiries Welcome

For the construction of the GMP-standard cannabis oil extraction facility in Peachland, our company is now seeking a 3rd party construction project auditor.

This construction project auditor contract entails duties as a general construction supervisor with relevant qualifications entrusted by our company. The contracted individual will provide us with a construction audit service for this project. The construction audit is a review of various aspects of the project to ensure that they are performing appropriately, to control for the quality and budget of this project appropriately, and to remain in keeping with the relevant trade contracts. For additional job description details, inquiries are welcome.



Kristy Xu